Script Project Nikitinskaya - St. Petersburg

The Nikitinskaya project is located o St. Petersburg, Russia. Embracing the cherished ''Hygge'' concept of ancient Scandinavian culture, this landscape design encourages people to relish the simple joys of gathering with close friends and family by candlelight. It emphasizes the essence of togetherness, celebrating the importance of family and intimacy.

The backyard design follows an unpretentious approach, placing greater emphasis on creating inviting spaces for people to sit and enjoy each other's company. The entrance area is adorned with small pebbles, providing a delightful tactile experience. The well-arranged tiles not only add a sense of direction but also blur the boundaries between the central lawn and the entrance, harmoniously blending both areas together. The central lawn itself serves as a versatile space, inviting moments of shared laughter during a small picnic or offering a serene sanctuary for those seeking solace and seclusion.
At the heart of the garden, a charming circular area is designated for a tea table, adorned with smooth and cozy outside tiles. The warm glow of candlelight surrounds the table, enveloping loved ones in an intimate atmosphere, reminiscent of the cozy ambiance that embodies the Hygge culture. A delightful swing, thoughtfully positioned between the tea table and the lilac, provides another serene spot to unwind and savor the beauty of the garden.

For those seeking a culinary adventure, a barbecue corner awaits, accessible through a charming path on the right. As you traverse this path, you'll be greeted by an array of delightful plants, shrubs, and flowers, each contributing to the enchanting scent of nature.
Given St. Petersburg's harsh winters, the design considers the importance of a colorful backyard throughout the seasons. Meticulously selected plants create a delightful riot of colors, ensuring vibrancy and cheerfulness in every season. The inclusion of evergreen trees and shrubs, including conifers and spruces, further enhances the ambiance, allowing visitors to experience the tranquility often associated with Scandinavian Hyyge culture.

In conclusion, the Nikitinskaya project in St. Petersburg beautifully embraces the spirit of ''Hygge,'' offering an inviting and heartwarming garden space where the moments with loved ones are cherished. The thoughtful selection of elements ensures a delightful experience in every season, providing solace and a sense of peace throughout the year.
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